Crackling Fireplace – The Director’s Cut

Maria Bamford is one of our favorite people alive, and that’s no lie. Another favorite thing of ours – those weirdo crackling log videos that you put on your tv in your tiny apartment to pretend that you have a fireplace. Put ’em together? And you got some Yuletide magic, baby. We honestly can’t with this sketch from Bamford and writers Andrew Michaan and Zed Cutsinger. It’s just too g-dang festive.

Bye Bye Vine ?

Vine is dying and it’s breaking our hearts. This is worse than getting your period in white pants onstage in front of the president and also World War III is happening.

But seriously, we’re gonna miss those six second moments of glory so much. No other app can compare. But instead of wallowing let’s take a moment to remember the good times, when adorable kids danced around and hilarious women did insane characters in endless loops!