The 6 Types of Brides

Anyone who has ever attended a wedding knows that brides fall into a few categories. There’s the ‘insanely emotional bride who treats her wedding day like it’s the Paris Peace Accords’ type, and the ‘I’m not a wedding person, weddings are lame, I just happen to have stumbled into this wedding’ type, and so many more that it can be hard to keep track. If you need to brush up on your bride taxonomy, this video from Monique Moses and The Scene is for you.

The Web Of Lies

We all lie to our exes to make ourselves seem cooler, right? Right? Oh god please say we’re right. Look, little white lies are only human. But sometimes you get caught up in that wicked web and have to basically re-write your whole life to fit. From our faves Soren & Jolles comes this tale of one eensy teensy lie gone awry.

Was The Beast… Kind Of A Fuccboi?

You’ve probably noticed some of the problems with Beauty and the Beast before. Like the Stockholm syndrome, and the bestiality, and how creepy it is that the candelabra and feather duster are prob dry humping. But have we addressed the fact that the Beast is like kind of a total creep? The dream team behind Nanners did, and we are most definitely here for it.

This Valentine’s Day… Save Yo Money

Real romance isn’t $150 dinners and uncomfortable lingerie. Real romance is laying in your own bed watching SVU reruns and letting the dogs under the covers even though they’re not supposed to be up there. Alex Lynn Ward lays out all the reasons to stay home and save yo money this Valentine’s day in her hilarious new music video. And honestly? Her argument is even more right than her glorious windblown hair.