Avant Guardians Is Your New Favorite Web Series

We are obsessed. We are in love. Avant Guardians is the story of a guardian angel forced to go to therapy, her 12 year old charge (who’s also going to be the president), and of course her therapist. It’s funny, it’s brilliant, and we’re huge fans of creator Alesia Etinoff. Watch, laugh, learn.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Handbook For Handsy Men

TRACEEEE!!! Tracee Ellis Ross guest hosted for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, and she used her platform to talk about the sexual harassment ‘scandal’. But that’s the official version – what she actually did was dig her nails right into the patriarchy’s balls and twist on live TV. Things got a little serious and a lot hilarious, and you definitely need to watch.

Tiffany Haddish Slayed On SNL

No one is surprised that Tiffany Haddish absolutely murdered it on SNL, right? The hilarious comedian and star of Girls Trip had the crowd losing their minds the second she stepped onstage for her monologue. That dress! Those moves! Her complete mastery of joke structure! She’s everything, and we couldn’t just show you one sketch from the show. So here’s a few of our faves.



Tiffany Haddish Is Hosting SNL ???

Praise the comedy goddesses, all our dreams are coming true. This Saturday night, Tiffany Haddish becomes the first ever black woman comedian to host SNL (which… wtf), and probably honestly our favorite host ever. And in this little promo with baby Aidy, Tiffany basically promises that all bets are off and all buttons are gonna get pushed.