Tips For A Fun New Years!

Well, well, well… who knew we’d survive 2017? 2018 is mere hours away and one of our faves, Siobhan Thompson, is here with the best tips for having the perfect New Year’s Eve. Okay, so many not perfect, but good enough. Like, okay. A very okay New Year’s Eve that might end with you being alone in a dress that is not comfortable whatsoever and drinking flat champagne you paid $38 for at an overcrowded sweaty bar. At least you’ll have a super cute photo on Instagram that makes it look like you were living your best life and don’t totally regret the $100 Uber ride and most of your choices this past year. CHEERS!

This gloomy ass video brought to you by WhoHaha and College Humor as part of our Women In Comedy program. Keep an eye out for more comedy goodness!

Voting With Your Vagina? Better Warm Up First!

From the headlines, you’d think that men vote with their brains and women vote with their labes. So the hilarious comedian Megan Sass imagined what might happen if we literally voted with our vaginas. And since choosing the leader of the free world is heavy lifting, she created this workout routine to ensure that your vagina is up to the task. Thanks Megan!