To The Ladies Of Dunder Mifflin

Ever had to babysit your male boss because he’s too busy hatching some harebrained scheme that’s just going to end up costing the company money? You might be every female employee ever. OR you might be one of the lovable ladies of Dunder Mifflin from The Office on NBC! Mo Polyak wrote and performed this tribute to Pam, Kelly, Donna, Jan, Meredith, Angela, and Phyllis, and the rest, and now we can’t stop humming it.

It’s Purim! Let’s Talk About Suffering.

Yes, the Jewish Halloween is nigh, and everyone’s getting geared up to put on costumes and get schicker. But if there’s one thing that every Jewish holiday incorporates, it’s forcing you to remember all the times our people suffered! So grab a couple  hamentaschen and a shot, and dance along to this MAGNIFICENT number from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend featuring Tovah Feldshuh and Patti Lu-freakin-Pone.

Forbidden Snuggles Are The Best Snuggles

You know you’ve gone full cat lady when you’re stocking up on organic treats for a cat that isn’t even your cat.  Marla Black embraces her inner cat-napper in this sketch about the forbidden love between a lady and a very soft little meowmers prince.

Bye Bye Vine ?

Vine is dying and it’s breaking our hearts. This is worse than getting your period in white pants onstage in front of the president and also World War III is happening.

But seriously, we’re gonna miss those six second moments of glory so much. No other app can compare. But instead of wallowing let’s take a moment to remember the good times, when adorable kids danced around and hilarious women did insane characters in endless loops!