When You’re An Introvert At A House Party

House parties test us all. It’s pretty exhausting to meet that many strangers and do that many keg stands. But when you’re an introvert?? Fuhgetaboutit. Richelle Meiss’ catchy music video understands the struggle of being an introverted person at a loud ass party.

Are You Watching The Earliest Show Yet?!?

Breaking news y’all. There’s a new show that we can’t stop watching, and it stars our forever girl crush Lauren Lapkus. It’s like if Between Two Ferns were a morning talk show and that talk show were hosted by Lapkus and Ben Schwartz and every episode was cringe-y and hilarious. You gotta start watching it asap, honestly.

We Gotta Talk About Kathy Bates’ Vibrator

It’s every woman’s nightmare. You’re in Chicago, on your way to some hotel humping, and your ‘do goes off in the elevator. Well spooky powerhouse Kathy Bates lived that nightmare, and we just spent about 10 minutes straight laughing about her story of sex toy shenanigans. Damn Kathy.