Every Woman On SNL Needs To Play Everyone In Politics

We are in a comedy gal-aissance. And some of the many roles that women are FINALLY being considered for are the dipsticks that we call politicians. For starters, Melissa McCarthy came back to SNL this week to play Sean Spicer and if possible it was even funnier than last week.

Those made up country names, oh god. Then there’s this moody Leslie mockudrama. Move over Baldwin because there’s a new Trump in town and she is STUNNING in those orange brows.


And let’s just wrap things up there OH GOD KELLYANNE. Looks like the one woman in the Trump administration will NOT be ignored.


Ok let’s get Sasheer and Vanessa and Cecily in, and we’re good to go!

Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon Are Too Damn Cute

Did you know that today was the day you were going to see a precious Newlywed Game-style interview with Kate and Vanessa? And that they were going to cuddle and hug the whole time? Unless you work for Wired the answer is prob no. But even though we were unprepared for the cuteness, this interview was everything and more to us and we loved it. Also our girl Banks gets a very cute shoutout and honestly we agree with the random Google searchers, they could def be related.