Gal Smooched Kate And We Are Here For It

Pretty sure we just moved our Kinsey number one more digit to the right. This weekend’s Saturday Night Live was fun as hell, but for sure the most talked-about sketch is one in which two friendly lesbians visit Themyscira and get more than they bargained for. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: we want more funny horny ladies on tv!


The Last Election Cold Open (Thank Gawd)

Three things have been getting us through this election: Samantha Bee, SNL cold opens, and whiskey with our tea (#thankyoubeyonce). But now we’re down to the wire, which means we’re down to our very last election themed cold open, which means Kate McKinnon’s Hillary impressions are about to be part of way more sketches.  So while we try to keep our blood pressure down over here, enjoy this hilarious recap of the last stressful week of politickin.

We Just Love Kate Walsh

Gray’s Anatomy. Private Practice. Bad Judge. The Hotwives of Orlando. Under The Tuscan Sun. They’re not just hella fun movies and TV shows directed/produced/written by women. They’re also tv shows and movies that were given glorious glittering life by our absolute favorite, Kate Walsh.

She’s had the coolest career, from doing sketch comedy in New York to being one of Shondaland’s reigning queens with a perfume line and a buncha businesses. A true hilarious bamf. So to celebrate Kate on this, the day of her birth, we put together a playlist of some of her greatest moments. It’s our little gift to you.

Hey, Is This SNL’s Greatest Sketch Ever?

Remember way back in TV history, when dinosaurs roamed ABC, and women were always the girlfriends or wives or disapproving moms? Well that time is looooooooong gone, baby.

We watch this sketch about gross mermaids every time we need a little reminder that the ladies rule SNL these days, and also just comedy in general.