Amy Poehler Is Creating A Reality Show ?

It’s like someone got us the gift we didn’t know we always wanted. Oh what a glorious day. NBC just greenlit a reality show hosted by Kween Amy and angelic human moustache Nick Offerman, and get this – it’s all about people who make cool stuff. It’s called The Handmade Project, and Poehler is gonna be the crafting noob while Offerman plays the expert. And the best news? YOU COULD BE ON IT!! If you’re crafty you can apply at

So in honor of this exciting news, we’re sharing this magnificent mashup of Ron and Leslie moments. They just couldn’t be cuter.

Eff Yeah Tracee and Kristen and Emma And Meryl!!!!

There’s no question that the ladies owned the Globes last night. Emma Stone won for LaLaLand, Tracee Ellis Ross was the first black woman to win a Golden Globe since 1983, and Meryl Streep brought us to our damn knees. Let’s watch them slay, shall we?!?!

For starters, the speech every human with a heart is talking about. Meryl took the mic and blew up the damn room with her classy burns on Trump and gut-punchingly accurate summary of where the world is at right now. It’s long and it’s powerful and it’s the speech we needed. Also, good job not trying to play her off before she was done, because you do NOT roll the music on Meryl.


Next up TRACEE YAAAAAS!!!! The veteran comedian won a Globie for her hilarious performance in Blackish (which btw is so funny and so charming and you should really be watching it). She may be funny as hell, but honestly the tear fest continued when she dedicated her win to ‘women, women of color and colorful people’. Thank you, Ms. Ross.


Then there was Emma Stone’s adorable speech where she spent about half of it thanking her mom. Her mom!! We’re dead.


But if there’s anything that can bring us back to life, it’s the magical chemistry between Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell. Honestly their presenter banter was the funniest minute and a half of the whole show. Can we please have them back as hosts next year? Plz???


We Just Love Kate Walsh

Gray’s Anatomy. Private Practice. Bad Judge. The Hotwives of Orlando. Under The Tuscan Sun. They’re not just hella fun movies and TV shows directed/produced/written by women. They’re also tv shows and movies that were given glorious glittering life by our absolute favorite, Kate Walsh.

She’s had the coolest career, from doing sketch comedy in New York to being one of Shondaland’s reigning queens with a perfume line and a buncha businesses. A true hilarious bamf. So to celebrate Kate on this, the day of her birth, we put together a playlist of some of her greatest moments. It’s our little gift to you.

We All Need More Margaret Cho

Ask us how much we love Margaret Cho. GO AHEAD ASK US. We love her so much, we just had to make a whole playlist of some of our favorite moments of Cho-ness.

She inspires us because she’s a brilliant comedian, a great actor, a badass activist, an outspoken feminist, and an important mentor for Asian-American comics and creative women. She brought conversations about mental health into the mainstream and she’s been a trailblazer all her career.  Also, she’s so god-damn funny it hurts. So snuggle up and enjoy spending a lil time with Queen Margaret.

Sophia Bush Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

What time is it? Why it’s WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY, duh, don’t you own a calendar? And our current crush is the always-magnificent Sophia Bush.

We’ve been team Bush since way back in the One Tree Hill days, and she just keeps getting funnier and more badass. She’s an activist, she’s a talented actor, she’s pretty much a perfect choice for WCW. Keep killing it, Sophia!