Joyelle Nicole Johnson Is Full Of Rage

Joyelle Nicole Johnson is truly one of the funniest stand-up comics in the game, and she’s opened for everyone from Dave Chapelle to Maria Bamford. But more importantly, she has some things to teach us about what ladies like, how to love yourself, babysitting when you’re still a baby, and the definition of Panger.

Lean In, Ladies! Whoa Not That Much.

Women always have to apologize for taking up space and stating our minds! And we’re not doing it anymore! Unless that makes us sound like bitches, in which case we’ll definitely apologize. Sorry. The insane balancing act that every femme person does all the time is perfectly parodied by this sketch from College Humor and Rekha Shankar.

And for real, sorry if this post came off too harsh. We’re just such spazzes sometimes!

We All Suck, Let’s Just Admit It

“I don’t suck at everything, but I suck at plenty.”

This video speaks to me. I, like Hayley Hoover, suck at plenty of things. Waking up without hitting the snooze button 13 times every morning, not eating multiple handfuls of candy I’ve pledged to avoid like the plague, and squeezing the toothpaste tube neatly from the ends up are just some of the things I personally am awful at.

However, I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone in sucking. Others before me have been equally as terrible at other things, and far more people after me will be as well. It doesn’t take away the 5 pounds I gained eating gummy bears by the handful last week, but it’s something.