The Ocean’s 8 Trailer Is Here And It Is Glorious

Praise all the movie goddesses, Ocean’s 8 looks fucking spectacular. This sequel to the heist franchise that will outlive us all stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, a master thief who assembles a team of criminal badasses to take on the biggest con in history and oh my god why are you still reading this, watch the trailer!! Rihanna as a hacker! Mindy Kaling as a jewel forger! Movies don’t get funner than this.

2016: The Year For The Feminist Juice Cleanse!

“Detox the patriarchy from your life and let your feminine mystique flourish, ladies.” 

YAAAS! We couldn’t agree more with Cristen Conger! She knows how to make one hell of a smoothie, complete with ingredients like menstrual fluid, old bras, and cayenne pepper (for flavor, of course).