Quiz: Which of These Breakfasts Are You?

Amy Poehler Gif

You are a unique snowflake. The only way your specialness could possibly be described is through matching you up with a type of breakfast. Why? Because breakfast is great, and you’re great.

Now hush up and take the quiz!


Tilda’s Coconut Curry Clone. Chicken. Chicken Clone.

But seriously, who doesn’t like to open up a greeting card full of broccoli florets!

From weirdo genius Beth Hoyt, we bring you a fun whimsical recipe created by the British forest elf known to humans as Tilda Swinton. Don’t forget the sugar snap PEEEEEEEAS!



Quiz: Can We Guess Your Fake Zodiac Sign?

Everybody knows that Geminis are moody, and people born in the Year of the Snake are intuitive and crafty. But what about people born under the sign of the 70’s Moustache?

Take our highly scientific and precise quiz to find out what your personal sign would be on this zodiac we just made up a couple of minutes ago.