Elliot Page’s Spooky Dream

We’re dragging this one out from the vaults in honor of Elliot Page’s birthday. For too long has Hollywood forced this tiny powerhouse to do drama and indie movies. Let Elliot do comedy! If nothing else this SNL sketch proves that he’s funny as all hell, without even needing to say a word.

Even Vampires Don’t Want Pity Invites

Halloween party season is here! Everyone’s gonna be dressing up and getting drunk and nibbling tapas or whatever. But if you’re an anxious person like we are, this season will have you wondering ‘do they really want me here, or is this a pity invite?’ And it turns out even spooky demons of the night feel the exact same way.

What Going Outside Is Like For Women

Gloom! Doom! Constant street harassment!! Walking down the street as a woman is a fun adventure in avoiding catcalls and occasionally also murder. This sketch from College Humor is maybe a lil over the top, but only because usually when we’re being made to feel unsafe in public there are no crows.