The Greatest Tweets Of The Whole Week

Lotsa highs and lows this week, lotsa wrong people winning things and right people saying great things. How do we wrap it all up? Uh, with a tweet storm, duh! Enjoy, and stay warm out there.


This is a travesty. There is no sports without Connie Shin’s poetry.


“WHERE ARE THE LIGHT SWITCHES?!?!?!” – your elected representatives.


Pretty upsetting always.


Cool cool can’t wait for charter schools to fix everything cool.


Daaaaaamn this just saved us like 16 hours of therapy.



Everything is a distraction from everything else!!!!!


A true American hero always shames someone making minimum wage for trying to be pleasant.


We are all Kardashians to our loved ones.


‘Srsly what did he even like about me’ – us to the gravediggers.


It’s Mission: Impossible up in this app.


The universe is, like, so relatable.


Please get this patent out asap.






What’s up hi hello I am a chill girl who is not afraid or angry ever hahahaha






Lemme just wrap my fist around this and make some protest signs.


Romance is in the air!


HOLY HELL THIS IS FIRE alright everyone go home we’re done here.