Canadian Late-Night Adults-Only Dining: The Soap Opera

The glamour. The pizzaz. The reasonably priced cuts of meat. You know it’s gotta be… Michelle’s. Last year we brought you a sketch about the high-stakes, fast paced world of late night adult dining in British Columbia. And now we’ve got good news for all the Michelle-heads out there – they made a series pilot! Yes, Michelle’s is finally the setting of a soap opera, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. More proof that everything good comes from Canada.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kerry Washington

Hello hey hi welcome to the Kerry Washington fan club. First order of business: talking about all the reasons we love Kerry Washington. She’s so talented, she’s so funny, she’s so badass, and we want to hang out with her all the damn time. She’s a friggin hero, so naturally we had to make her our Wednesday woman crush.

The Last Election Cold Open (Thank Gawd)

Three things have been getting us through this election: Samantha Bee, SNL cold opens, and whiskey with our tea (#thankyoubeyonce). But now we’re down to the wire, which means we’re down to our very last election themed cold open, which means Kate McKinnon’s Hillary impressions are about to be part of way more sketches.  So while we try to keep our blood pressure down over here, enjoy this hilarious recap of the last stressful week of politickin.

Jar Jar for President!!

Akilah Hughes should prob be moderating every debate at this point, right? Her political commentary is always ? and she’s funnier than all the PBS, NBS, CBS and MSNBC teams combined.

Case in point: she makes a REALLY compelling argument that Jar Jar Binks might actually be a better choice for president than Trump. Hughes, ya just blew our minds.