Positive Vibes Aren’t Free

You know when your friend who is spiritual but not religious is like ‘awww sorry about your loss, sending you positive vibes’? Well they’re basically sending you a blank check and you should honestly be really super grateful. Hilarious sketch team Femmebot PhD shows us all what happens when you don’t send those pos vibes back. And they also use the c-word a lot, which is very thrilling and fun too. Reclaim those good vibes and genital slurs, ladies!

Don’t Ask Atsuko Okatsuka About Japan

Atsuko Okatsuka knows about a lot of things. Like LA geography, and how to ace grad school, and how to tell great jokes! One thing she does not know everything about, however, is Japan. So please, please, stop asking her.

This standup set from the Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival is everything. We’d watch Orange Is The New Black with Atsuko any day of the week.

You Gotta See This Hill-arious Between 2 Ferns

Uh ohhhh, HRC’s got jokes! Clinton went on Zach Galifianakis’ insane weird ‘talk show’ Between Two Ferns and frankly (and we do not use this term lightly) she SLAYED. Legit, outside her platform, we like the idea of a president who can play straight-woman like a damn comedy professional.

Also please let’s change her slogan to ‘DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO SAY’.