Really Important Questions: Somebody vs Nobody

We’re celebrating TV Land’s hilarious new comedy series nobodies with some of our favorite funny ladies (including nobodies “star” Rachel Ramras) in a special series of Really Important Questions.

First up… How can you tell a nobody from a somebody? Do you think you’re a somebody? What if you’re a nobody… and you don’t even know it?? Let our gals enlighten you. Hint: it’s all about the head angles

Catch the trailer of nobodies here, and be sure to tune in to the series premiere on March 29 at 10/9c!

Really Important Questions: Belly Button Buttons

Jenni and Jesenia are back! And on this episode of Really Important Questions, we asked the hard-hitting questions other news outlets are scared to address. Namely – if your belly button was a real button, what do you wish it would do.

Really Important Questions: Which DiCaprio Is The Best DiCaprio?

We’re obsessed with Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia. And they’re obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. So naturally when we had them in the WhoHaha studio, we had to ask them which Leo was the Leo to rule all Leo’s. The hosts of The Fixxx podcast definitely didn’t disappoint. K bye gotta go relive our horny teenage Leo memories!

RIQ: A Bedtime Story From Donald Trump

If reality tv star and self-proclaimed businessman Donald Trump told a bedtime story, what would it sound like? We posed that very question to the one and only Petey Gibson, who knocked it out of the damn park. It’s short, sweet, and 100% bizarre. Think of it as our way of saying ‘BOY BYE’.

Really Important Questions: Un Poema En Espanol

Hey, did you know that Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 35 million people in the US? And that the US is the world’s fifth-largest Spanish-speaking community? Wow, pretty wild! So in honor of the language of Lorca and Neruda and also our favorite soap opera La Rosa De Guadalupe, we asked some of our fave funny women to write a poem with whatever words of Spanish they know.  It turned out… ok!