Quiz: What Did You Forget To Buy At Target This Time???

We’ve all been there. Target is the relationship you just can’t quit. You enter the store with the goal of purchasing one thing… and end up spending 50 damn dollars on clearance crap. Curse you, Target, you beautiful red bastard of a polka dot.
Let us guess that one item you were SUPPOSED to buy!!



Quiz: Which of These Breakfasts Are You?

Amy Poehler Gif

You are a unique snowflake. The only way your specialness could possibly be described is through matching you up with a type of breakfast. Why? Because breakfast is great, and you’re great.

Now hush up and take the quiz!


Quiz: Which Vague, Passive-Aggressive Facebook Status Are You?

Whether it’s your teenage cousin or that dude from Tinder who added you, we all know someone blowing up Facebook with vague statuses. Sure, they could just confront the person they’re mad at. But then everyone wouldn’t get to enjoy guessing who they’re talking about!

So which of these passive-aggressive, poorly spelled Facebook statuses best captures your personality? Take our quiz to find out!


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