Kaley Cuoco Can’t Stop Adopting Dogs

Kaley Cuoco has a problem. A cute, furry, heartwarming problem. In this parody of celeb reality shows from writer/director Kelsey Sante, Kaley addresses her need to constantly adopt dogs and then push them off on her stylist Brad. And if you saw that pile of puppies and thought ‘omg gimme’, you can get your adopt on at Paw Works!

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Freakin Tweets

Don’t mind us, we’re just sitting here pondering why Friday afternoons go like 649 times slower than every other day…

While you wait for the weekend to fiiiinally kick off, enjoy these fresh n tasty tweets from funny women!


This is one gritty reboot we would absolutely see.




Where oh where is the anxious Frenchie who needs us???


The tale of DMVs greatest revenge against rich assholes.


An unexamined life… sounds really restful right about now actually.


Scuse you, it’s also for my very real and totally existing boyfriend.


Seriously this whole series of Jesus/Judas tweets is pure ???


It’s like Christmas for adults!!


Wow that’s actually kind of beautiful, Connie plz write a self-help book.


This joke is DEEPLY upsetting but also 100% accurate.


Oh damn, gotta show this tweet to all our ex-boyfriends.




Don’t be fooled – this is the perfect interview power play.


Woah wait we just realized that cats are trying to non-stop murder everything they like.


But no, by all means, more hot takes on movies from 2005 please.



Oh God nooooooo!!!


The best thing we can all do for feminism is to start calling him ‘reformed stripper Channing Tatum’ all the time.

The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

It’s Fri-yayyyy! And is it just us, or was this the longest short week ever??

To celebrate it finally being over, let’s enjoy some tasty tweets together.


Probly like 6-8 years?


Truly, Cameron is the Shakespeare of our times.


Caring for anything but yourself is fully exhausting, no shade here.


Seeing friends is neat, but it can’t compare to not seeing friends.


Read ’em like a library, girl.


Is this the greatest feminist pop culture joke of all time? Only time will tell.




If you’re not following the saga of Megan Koester and Joel Stein, then you’re missing out on one of the funniest stories ever given us by Mama Internet.


This is us. This is all of us.


Hey, you ever think about how the leisure to disagree with painful truths is a privilege of the powerful?  Anyway, fuck that guy.


People pleasers, unite!


This child is perfection, we’re so lucky to know her.


Presenting a joke is so funny we snort-laughed and then were really embarrassed.


You hear that, BROOKLYN???


This revelation has been painful for all of us, Julieanne.