Amy Schumer Is An Animal Hoarder

Amy Schumer has a problem. No, it’s not the zillion million internet trolls who love commenting on whether they’d give her the d or not. It’s animal hoarding, aka the cutest addiction, aka obsessive compulsive cuddling, aka feces everywhere. We need to save her from herself.

Maria Bamford Is Off Her Meds and Feeling Great!

If you’re not watching Lady Dynamite, honestly, you need to take a look at your life choices. Maria Bamford is a straight-up heroine and the only person who can pull off a track suit and crunchy hair (which is normally TRULY TRAGIC) while also killing us with laughter. Let the Bamf take you to a magical world of pugs and hugs with this clip from the show. Then get on Netflix and watch the rest asap.