Chelsea Peretti Is Back On TV, Praise Everything

Peretti is pretty much the best at everything she does. Her Twitter is fire, her standup is game changing, and she consistently makes us laugh so hard we pee on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Also her hair is always so shiny and looks so soft. Damn Gina, what can’t you do???

Rejoice in this compilation of some of our favorite Chelsea moments, from interviews to standup specials to weird videos she once posted to Instagram.

Women! For When You “Can’t Afford” To Pay A Man

Gosh, paying employees more than the federal minimum wage sure does sting! Having to pay workers a living wage is driving some poor defenseless employers to outsource their labor to countries where folks don’t have the luxuries of ‘unions’ and ‘fairness’ like American citizens do. But what if there were a labor solution a little closer to home??

We’re so in love with this HuffPo presentation. Kristen Bell, you better WERK.

Full Frontal Gets Fully Nasty

Trolls. Every outspoken woman on the internet gets targeted by them – at this point it’s just a hazard of the job. Like falling beams on a construction site, or bees on a… bee farm.

But Sam Bee deals with trolls like a damn professional bee keeper. We love her ‘Real or Fake’ segment from Full Frontal, because the way she deals with mean internet comments is truly inspiring. And also so much funnier than the commenters could ever hope to be. #ByeFelipe

The Funniest Freakin Tweets of The Week


But before we get there, enjoy the very freshest tweets of the week!



‘Stella Got Her Groove Back’ but for a woman who dumped herself, get on that Hollywood


Somebody get her a syringe of kale pulp STAT.


We need, in reverse order: duck, popcorn, women doing sports


The Mad Prez is a pretty tight rap name, honestly.


Oh thiiiiiis is what Snapchat is for


Ragnarok, guns out.


Savage. Savage and accurate.


Finally got woke 10 minutes before we had to go to bed yeesh.


Hmm makes u think.




What happened here how did this end we need to know?!?!


Time for that post-lunch emotional breakdown!


Medium espresso is better than medium sex, let’s get real here.


Can’t wait for it to be turned to into a book called ‘The Woman Who Never Cried and Was Always Chill’


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Voting Is Cool! Unless You’re A Woman >:(

Gee howdy, it’s tough to be a girl! Especially in a silent movie where men smush their hands in your face to keep you from voting! Blessed Comedy brings us the timeless and totally historically accurate tale of the first woman ever to vote. Exercise those civil rights today, even if the man tries to keep you down.