Every Woman On SNL Needs To Play Everyone In Politics

We are in a comedy gal-aissance. And some of the many roles that women are FINALLY being considered for are the dipsticks that we call politicians. For starters, Melissa McCarthy came back to SNL this week to play Sean Spicer and if possible it was even funnier than last week.

Those made up country names, oh god. Then there’s this moody Leslie mockudrama. Move over Baldwin because there’s a new Trump in town and she is STUNNING in those orange brows.


And let’s just wrap things up there OH GOD KELLYANNE. Looks like the one woman in the Trump administration will NOT be ignored.


Ok let’s get Sasheer and Vanessa and Cecily in, and we’re good to go!

Get Your Pantsuit On, It’s Debatin’ Time

Tonight’s the night! The two presidential candidates are going toe-to-toe (or we guess big hair to big hair) in the first official debate. We truly cannot wait for the live-tweet storm that’s about to break.

But in the few hours left, let’s all huddle around our laptops and enjoy this throwback sketch featuring two of the greatest comedians ever taking down sexism in politics.

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Damn Tweets


While we wait for the weekend to really start, shall we enjoy some top quality funny tweets together? Let’s.

We all heard that in the Arrested Development voice, yeah?


Behold the art of subtlety.


We want this for you so so bad oh wow.


Everyone be more like Mara Wilson. Except Mara Wilson, you can stay the way you are.




If only we could reply with more gifs in our nightmare retail jobs.


*rubbing eyes with amazement and wonder*


Still have dreams about that jacket tbh.


And also two pizzas!


Wow wow makes u think. #bringbackthecolorofnight


Hold on to that friend and never let go, Carly!!!

Charming might as well have had a bathing suit competition. SMDH.


Dead. On.


Yeah team everybody to go Leslie Jones’ Twitter and tweet her some love, ok??? We have to take care of each other.


Worth the wait, but also worth making fun of.


Strut, mama, strut.


This joke just made us 20% smarter, thank you.


Need we remind you tools that kitty got claws???




Oops, looks like we’ll never stop laughing at this.