Woman Card Against Humanity (Brought To You By Trump Toys)

It’s the card game every woman didn’t know they were already playing (but according to Donald Trump, they totally are) – Woman Card Against Humanity. It’s the hot new game on the scene where women are presented with a series of scenarios and decide if they want to use their “woman card” to get what they want. Bonus: each game comes with your very own opinionated white guy. Written by Dara Laine, this parody sketch is just what we need today.

Megan MacKay Gets Real About Our Favorite “F” Word

Do you remember where you were the moment you realized you were a feminist? Even if you don’t remember a single moment, most of us can trace certain events that blossomed us into the beautiful, feminist butterflies that we all are. Should we get t-shirts made out of that? “Feminist Beautiful Butterfly”? Cool, taking all of that silence as a resounding YES.

What Do “Dead Cat Politics” And Strobing Have In Common? Megan MacKay Is Here To Let Us Know

Megan MacKay is your new spirit animal. Homegirl’s videos are not only super funny and witty, but incredibly smart. We’re totally #TeamMegan and you should be too. Check out this vid in which she explains the similarities between “Dead Cat Politics” and the makeup technique of strobing. Beauty and brains? Sign us up!