Amanda Lehan Is Funny AF

Question: is there anything Amanda Lehan can’t do? She writes, she acts, she does comedy, she models, she improvises, she honestly probably can also fly and stuff. The multi-talented funny lady is on the rise, and we’re declaring this Amanda Lehan Week at WhoHaha. Check out a few of her hilarious videos, then check back with our Facebook through the week for more Amanda goodness.

Kausar Mohammed Is Funny AF

Ok if you’re not already on the Kausar train, now is the time to hop on board. This hilarious actor/writer/host/badass is the creative force behind some of our favorite sketches and short videos of all time. There’s pretty much nothing Kausar can’t do, so this week we’re celebrating her with a special playlist of some of her greatest hits. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page for more Kausar magic!

Teresa Lee Is Our Funny Lady of the Week!

When it comes to talking up Teresa Lee, we’re basically fanatics. She can do literally anything, from writing to directing to acting to stand-up to looking fly af in every single picture. We love her work, and we love her fearless and hilarious comedic voice. She’s a badass for sure, and we’re so excited to have her as our creator of the week. So watch some of her greatest videos, then keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for more Teresa magic.

Wanda Sykes For The Win

Honestly? We can’t get enough of Wanda Sykes. Every interview, every stand-up set, every tv appearance is just perfect glorious magic. She’s so effortlessly funny, but she hustles hard for her career and for the causes she believes in. If you were gonna pick one celebrity to put up on a pedestal, frankly, it should probably be Wanda. So we’re celebrating her today with a playlist of some of her badassiest, funniest, realest moments.

Sarah Silverman Is A Comedy Queen

Show of hands – how many of us first realized we were allowed to be funny because of Sarah Silverman? Yeah, that’s what we thought. For a lot of us the salty Jewess introduced us to the idea that we could be raunchy and silly and hilarious and not have to apologize for it. She’s controversial for sure, but she gets away with it because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to writing a joke or a song. We’ve got love for Silverman, so we made her a playlist as a lil present. And you get to enjoy it too!

Funny Lady of the Week: Nina Concepcion

Let us introduce you to a very special lady. Nina Concepción is an actor, writer, improviser, author, comedian and all around badass babe. She wrote a hilarious book of essays, she’s a performer at the UCB Theatre in LA, and she co-created Schmotts, an amazing webseries that’s making the festival circuit. There’s nothing she can’t do, tbh. So who better to pick as our creator of the week! Pour out a glass of rosé for our heroine, and watch these sketches and clips like there’s no tomorrow. Yay Nina!