The Saddest Going-Out-Of-Business Sale

We’re pretty worried about some stuff. Like, you know, our access to birth control and our reproductive rights. But if Planned Parenthood is gonna get shut down, we might as well get our Levora while it’s still cheap and/or legal! Shoutout to Ashleigh Stanczak, the IO Comedy Network, Kat Palardy, Kate Huffman, Brendan Mckay, and Skyler M. Bingham for this dystopian vision of the future.

And listen, real talk, Planned Parenthood isn’t actually going anywhere. But you might as well give them some money anyway, just to make sure they stick around.

It’s Swell To Be A Woman In 2016!

The shade this song is throwing is so powerful, we’ll never need sunblock again. This Bye Bye Birdie inspired music video is about how neat it is to lose all the rights we’ve been fighting for since 1920. Gee whiz, can’t wait to pop out lots of babies to nourish the patriarchy!!!!!1!!

But srsly, we’re so so so impressed with this hilarious number from singer/actor Missy Modell, writer Siobhan Thompson, and director Nic Stanich. And even better, they created it to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. So watch and donate and then go have some protected extramarital sex to piss off Mike Pence!

White Terrorist Bingo: Planned Parenthood Edition

DAMN. Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh keeps it 100 in her latest video. We LOVE a funny, smart woman who uses her voice and Franchesca does exactly that. Watch “White Terrorist Bingo: Planned Parenthood Edition” and turn into a living praise hands emoji. Thank you girl, for serving the internet a steaming, hot dish of REALNESS.