The Love Spells May Be Lies, But The Drama Is Real

Witches are having a moment. Suddenly everybody and their college roommate are buying crystals and casting spells. It’s like, excuse, some of us have been Wiccans since Buffy was on the air. But whatever.

This coven is one we’d definitely want to hang with. The Real Housewitches of Salem are sassy, brassy, and also kind of horrible. Just what we look for in our reality tv stars.

Do You Have Barnacles? These Sea Sisters Are Here To Help.

Parents just don’t get it. It’s like, mooooom, I need more than an hour on land to find a husband and break my father’s curse so we won’t have to sail the sea forever. Like come on, it’s not the 80’s anymore.

This sketch from Meg Favreau and DJ Faucet Comedy is so weird and so so so good. And everyone in it is on the official WhoHaha crush list. We’d let you all drag us to sea 😉


When You Gotta Pee, But Someone’s Being Twee

Some childhood family photos don’t need to be reenacted. The awkward school portrait. The creepy matching outfits. This sketch from Leave a Mark demonstrates the ‘adorable’ photo that your mom really, really doesn’t need an adult version of.

Remember people, you can do whatever weird shit you want as long as you’re not ruining your roommates life with it.