The Last Election Cold Open (Thank Gawd)

Three things have been getting us through this election: Samantha Bee, SNL cold opens, and whiskey with our tea (#thankyoubeyonce). But now we’re down to the wire, which means we’re down to our very last election themed cold open, which means Kate McKinnon’s Hillary impressions are about to be part of way more sketches.  So while we try to keep our blood pressure down over here, enjoy this hilarious recap of the last stressful week of politickin.

The Science of Side-Eye

Who knew something as sassy as side-eye could garner a scientific breakdown? Thanks to the smart/hilarious/amazing Cristen Conger, we now feel much more enlightened about our favorite facial expression. This is definitely us for the rest of the day:


If you haven’t met your side-eye quota for the day, here are some of our fave posts from Instagram:



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