TBT To Comedy’s Greatest Trailblazer

If you don’t know about Moms Mabley already, well, we feel sad for you. She was one of the creators of standup comedy, but her legacy gets ignored and it’s a crying shame. So let’s try to fix that, shall we?

Moms was a female, black, lesbian, elderly comedian at a time when it was just about impossible to be any two of those things at the same time in America, and yet she slayed crowds onstage and onscreen. She came out at 27, supported other young comedians all her life, hustled hard on the mostly-black ‘Chitlin circuit’, and eventually played Carnegie Hall and The Ed Sullivan Show. None of us would be here without her, honestly. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you, Moms, for carving out a place for all of us in the big wide world of comedy.

Ask A Girl: The Potty Posse

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks gets down to business. Bathroom business, that is. In answer to the question ‘why do women always go to the bathroom in packs’, Banks spills all our secrets. We’d be mad at her for revealing that we all go to gossip and share togetherness time, but she’s just so dang funny that we can’t get irked.

Who’s Excited For Queen Carol’s Book?

Whenever you get tired of re-reading Yes Please and Bossypants, there’s a hot new title on the shelves from the og cute comedy killa.

We already posted about how much we love Carol Burnett, so you can prob imagine how excited we are to sit down with a whole new book of stories about her show, her friends, and her lifelong comedy hustle. She’s an inspiration.

Ok so what’s the hold up, go order In Such Good Company!

Eva Longoria Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

You guys, how rad is Eva Longoria? She’s a hysterical actress and a fearless activist, and she’s too damn real about tight dresses. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect lady for Woman Crush Wednesday, if we do say so ourselves (#stayhumble). Enjoy some of our favorite moments from Queen E.