Jenny Slate is a FAKER

This story has everything – poop jokes, weird noises, handsome men quietly watching a woman talk, and best of all our shell-bae Jenny Slate. You might know her from Parks and Rec, or from Marcel the Shell, or from dropping the F bomb on SNL. But regardless, after you watch this interview with her where she gets real real about faking appendicitis you’re definitely gonna love her.

We Love Molly Shannon

It’s Molly Shannon’s birthday! Sound the alarm, cuz we’re bout to party like spastic teenagers in honor of one of the funniest ladies in the world.

She’s an amazing physical comedian, she delivers punchlines like no other, and also she’s got a new indie movie out that proves that she can ACT honey. So celebrate Molly with a few high kicks, then go see Other People, then tweet her and tell her you love her. That’s what we’ll be doing!