You Gotta Stand By Your Hand

Finally, a country song we can really get behind. The visionary weirdos of sketch team Uncle Garbage have written a ballad about the truest kind of love – the love between a woman and her hand. It made us cry with laughter. You really need to watch the whole thing all the way to the end.

*Also this is so unbelievably NSFW, but only because we live in a cruel cold world where you’re not supposed to talk about rubbing one out in the workplace.

Don’t Date A Girl Who Reads…Wait, What?

Sabrina Cruz throws down some serious truth in her latest video. Basically, it can be summed up when she says:

“Stop trying to define girls based on a single facet of their complex existence and then acting like certain facets are better than others.” 


Amen, sister. Watch her take down the logic that a person should only date “a woman who reads.”

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The Beth At Home Quickie Workout!

“You’re meant to have the body you’re meant to have.” – Beth Hoyt, Fitness Guru

If you’re needing a little motivation to workout after Valentine’s Day, this is your new go to workout video. It’s perfect for shedding those winter lb’s we’ve all put on, and the best part about it is that it’s totally conducive to working out whilst holding a glass of wine. It’s like Beth has looked into our souls and knows exactly what we want.

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest F*cking Tweets

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Hillary Clinton

IT’S FRIDAY Y’ALL. The turn up is real. Get ready for the weekend by laughing your ass off at these LOL worthy tweets. Happy Friday!


Yep, we’re into this idea.

Extra protein, right?

Seriously though.

Real talk.

All about them checks and balances.

YAS, please!

Tears on our face.

Ham > everything else.

We can’t even keep it together with this tweet.

This would be the absolute best.

Yes, that filter DEFINITELY makes you look not smart.

Nothing is more inspirational than a national tragedy?

*Leaves political comment on crazy uncle’s Facebook status* *Lurks quietly away* *Watches gleefully as chaos unfolds in a very Mr. Burns-esque style*

May we all have the confidence of LeBron James.

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