The fifth season of the show that redefined tv is here and we are NOT ready for it. Last season took a real turn and this one looks like it’s going to crank up the drama to 11. Start stocking up on tissues and xanax now, y’all.

Ask A Badass: The Outtakes

Here at WhoHaha, we try to be serious professionals. But look, nobody’s perfect, ok? And sometimes when we get the funniest women on the planet into a room together (like in our Ask A Badass series), giggling is gonna happen.

Lucky for you, we kept the cameras rolling while these comedy geniuses cracked each other up.

#WomanCrushWednesday: The Badass Cast of OITNB

It’s our favorite day of the week, y’all. It’s… WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAAAYYYYY.

And this time around, we couldn’t pick just one magnificent woman. The whole dang cast of Orange Is The New Black is so perfect and magnificent, we had to catch ’em all. So get out your menstrual pad shower shoes and screwdriver dildos, and pour one out for the Ladies of Litchfield.


Scared Straight With Uzo Aduba

Ughhh this season of Orange Is The New Black is truly killing us. We’re obsessed with every single character, but Crazy Eyes has been our spooky boo since season 1. Possibly because Uzo Aduba is a truly perfect person.

For example, did you know that she speaks Igbo? Also she was a star sprinter? And as we learned on Colbert this week, she’s straight up hilarious in real life and has the most charming laugh ever.