Have You Seen Raven Jenai’s Office Videos?

Because we are OBSESSED. She does a spookily accurate impression of all your annoying coworkers, like ‘guy who always wants to hang out’ and ‘lady who is extremely over it’. Honestly, you should get on Slack immediately and send these to everyone in your office. Keep watching for more Raven Jenai hilariousness.

When Someone ‘Circles Back’ On An Email ?

Look to your left. Look to your right. One of you three is an Office Email Asshole ™. We all know the OEA – she follows up on her follow ups, she circles back on things she only told you about 20 minutes ago, she gets mad when you don’t remember a detail from a meeting that happened 6 months ago. This sketch from College Humor and Katie Marovitch makes us want to slip a xanax into our resident office asshole’s coffee.