If You Loved Hamilton, You’ll Tolerate Taft!

Musicals about great Americans in history are all the rage! So why not one about a pretty good American?? William Howard Taft didn’t change the country or make any memorable speeches, but he did exist and was also definitely president for a minute there. And luckily for us, sketch duo Fenton & Grace wrote him a musical of his very own.

The Summer Jam For Servers – Can I Get A Box?

Never have the struggles of a server been so friggin catchy. From the sparkling psycho diamond mind of Joy Brooker, we bring you the summer banger that anyone who’s ever waited tables can relate to.

There is no kale salad on earth filling enough to justify a box. Just put your fork down and walk away. Thenk yeewwwww.

WhoHaha’s Favorite Music Videos

The women who made these music videos are all friggin geniuses. Imagine being this funny, AND being a good singer. We can’t even remember the words to Taylor Swift songs in the shower.

Just for you, we made a little playlist of the amazing music videos that we’ve featured on WhoHaha. Sit back, relax, sing along. We got you, boo.