The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Some weeks are lazy rivers, and some weeks are category 5 rapids. This one was the second one. Big ups to all the funny Twitterers who kept us thinkin’ and laughin’.

We nag because we care, Uncle Sam.


President Barbie sounds like a sensitive badass, plz start a write-in campaign for President Barbie.


Why do we do this to the ones we love?!?


This is truly the funniest body wash joke ever written.


Gross. Gross and accurate.


“We need to have a talk about your employment at the Cineplex”


Brb, inviting our ex-boyfriends to Applebees.


Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends/super rich kids with nothing but freelance jobs.


We can never un-see this. But then, why would we want to?


Sure, that plan checks out.


How dare you show your love with gifts, you monsters?!?!?




When the fundamentalists tell you to cover up, you KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.