Get Your Smoky, Sexy Eyes On with Beth Hoyt

Everyone loves watching a good beauty tutorial. From Kim K to beauty vloggers, watching someone contour their face is mesmerizing. Like, too mesmerizing. We should probably stop watching them and take a shower, right? But listen–if you’ve been trying to master the smoky eye that Amy Schumer thanked in her Emmy speech, Beth Hoyt has the perfect video for you.

Disclaimer: If you pee from laughing while watching this, we are not responsible for cleaning up the mess.


Trump Yourself! A Donald Trump Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Megan MacKay teamed up with Cosmopolitan to talk about Donald Trump’s political career. Because everyone is still having some difficulty wrapping their minds around him running for president, right?

Side note – where can I get some “fat pig dog slob disgusting animal” tinted moisturizer? I want to make sure I look pretty when China steals my job.