The Funniest Tweets of the Week

It’s the freakin weekend, baby we’re about to drink us some ruuuuum.

But first, let’s round up the funniest tweets of the week!


Never 4get the adults who casually destroyed us.


Pro tip: the best snaps are funny snaps that will also give you nightmares!


He was still a human being, man.


Oh thiiiiis is what Twitter is for.


Your honor, we find the defendant guilty of being a terrible millennial.


The Friday night stage?


Seeing ‘what’s everyone doing tonight’ is never not heartbreaking.


Face. Herpes.


In addition, a CV and public court record.




Wowee, it’s so hot it’s like Left Eye’s boyfriend’s bathtub over here!


You do the hokey pokey and you go screw yourself.


~dreeeeaammm girl~


Dying, dying, dying, dead.


Wow this is honestly brilliant. Silicon Valley plz take a note.