Megan Mullally’s Gucci Mane Cover Is Everything

From the weird and wonderful brains of Nancy And Beth (aka Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt) comes this unforgettable Gucci Mane cover. Also, they shot the whole thing on Snapchat and edited it themselves because why not?!? It’s hypnotic, it’s funny, it’s what we needed to see today.

Megan Mullally Makes Us Happy

Let’s get this straight: Megan Mullally is one of the most talented people ever to live. She can sing like a motherhugger, she’s funny as all get out, and she’s a genuinely great actor. Add to that woodworking, dancing, puzzle making, and a million other things, and she’s basically an entertainment machine. We love Megan, and this video playlist is our lil love letter to her. Thanks for all the giggles!