Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest F*cking Tweets

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Betty White


That’s right, today deserves a happy dance. Let the power of the 140 character quip whisk you away to the land of no stress, no early mornings–just the simple pleasure that is the end of the work week. HOORAY!

A little Easter themed tweet to start the weekend off right.

Yes. And Liam Neeson is nowhere around. 

If you’re a frequent flyer, this tweet is made for you.

Ugh, very passive aggressive of them.

L – O – L.

*Pulls collar* *Tap dances out of the room* *Sweats profusely*

Speaking treatment > silent treatment. Always. 

It’s kind of like the 2016 version of Cher’s outfit generator in Clueless. 


The worst part is they definitely know we’re lying too. Some geniuses they are. 

#Live #In #The #Moment.

Do you think the age of the think piece will ever end?

Nope, probably not. 

Listen, we’re all familiar with DiGiorno’s smooth moves

Why would anyone ever regret that?

We can see the calculating moves behind her eyes, planning ways to sneakily clean.

Sure, maybe. But isn’t it so much more fun having crippling anxiety and self-doubt?!

Our fingers are about to fall off from how fiercely we’re snapping. 

Get it, Ted!

The patriarchy of technology, if you really think about it.

The eternal struggle.

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