Child Therapy with Maria Bamford

Relationships are tough! Sometimes you need the wise words of a tiny child to walk you through it. And sometimes, tiny children are completely useless when it comes to adult problems and they just want to goof around. You never know! In this episode of the insanely charming series Child Therapy, counselor Dr. Moxie talks Maria Bamford and her husband through an argument.

The Lady Dynamite Season 2 Trailer Is HERE

And it is GLORIOUS. At the end of season 1 we were kind of like ‘hmm, how will our favorite angel Maria Bamford top this’. Now, having watched this trailer like 15 times in the last 5 minutes, we can confidently say that she did it. Season 2 is gonna be more bonkers, more beautiful, more celebrity-filled, more funnier even. November 10th, please get here soon.

Crackling Fireplace – The Director’s Cut

Maria Bamford is one of our favorite people alive, and that’s no lie. Another favorite thing of ours – those weirdo crackling log videos that you put on your tv in your tiny apartment to pretend that you have a fireplace. Put ’em together? And you got some Yuletide magic, baby. We honestly can’t with this sketch from Bamford and writers Andrew Michaan and Zed Cutsinger. It’s just too g-dang festive.