Love, Lust, Lolz – Our Favorite Videos About Dating

Blech, romance. From the first swipe to the awkward break-up, it’s pretty much a non-stop roller coaster of suck.

But as lame as dating is in real life, it makes for some amaaaaazing comedy material. We collected some of our favorite funny videos about couplin’ up, and because we’re such sweethearts we’re sharing them with you. Somebody wife us up already.

Who Needs Love When You’ve Got!

Online dating is based on lies. Lies like ‘love’ and ‘happiness’. Wouldn’t you rather use a website that understands that all you want is to not eat dinner alone for the rest of your life?

Lucky for you, Janine Hogan and Erwin Street created just that website! is for those of us who have pretty much given up on true love and will now accept someone (anyone) to show up to parties with. Thanks, guys!