Amanda Lehan Is Funny AF

Question: is there anything Amanda Lehan can’t do? She writes, she acts, she does comedy, she models, she improvises, she honestly probably can also fly and stuff. The multi-talented funny lady is on the rise, and we’re declaring this Amanda Lehan Week at WhoHaha. Check out a few of her hilarious videos, then check back with our Facebook through the week for more Amanda goodness.

Dulcé Sloan Is Tearing Up Late Night (And Cultural Appropriation)

One of the greatest living comedians is now a correspondent on The Daily Show, and everything is right with the world. Dulcé Sloan hit the late night circuit with a BANG in her coverage of New York fashion week, and called the fashion industry on all its bs. If this is how she’s starting her correspondent career, we truly can’t wait to see what she does next.

Sarah Paulson Can Do Any Impression

Scuse us but why isn’t Sarah Paulson in every single movie and tv show already? She can be spooky, funny, heartbreaking, and even Drew Barrymore! And in this clip from The Tonight Show, she displays her uncanny ability to portray other celebrities talking about unconventional topics.

Marriage Is About Burdening Each Other

Mawwiage! It’s the most powerful expression of the union between two people. Also, it’s very weird and insane and sometimes the other person thinks they can ask you for weird stuff in bed. It’s *sniff* it’s beautiful.