Kristen Schaal Knows How To Please A Man

Kristen Schaal pleases us merely by existing. But she probably doesn’t want to date us, so that’s a moot point. What’s really interesting, though, is Kristen’s patented technique for pleasing a man. In bed. Sexually. This hot hot set is from her stand-up special Live at the Fillmore, which Comedy Central is FINALLY putting up in clips on YouTube. Praise!

Where The Eff Are The Tampons??

What’s up with tampons being impossible to find? When you stumble into the grocery store at 11pm, bloody and pissed, those babies should be right up front with the candy bars and Crock Pot Cooking magazines. But in real life, as in this sketch from Chelsea Frei and co-starring Noam Tomaschoff and Constantine Malahias, they get hidden away by the dumb pharmacy stock bros. Can’t you just let us bleed in peace?!?

Awww, Baby Aidy Bryant Was Funny As Hell

We’re putting our money on Aidy Bryant to be another huge breakout star from SNL. She slays every scene she’s in, and she can make us snort-laugh with her physical comedy.

But way back in 2012 she was just a lil baby sketch performer, subtly stealing the show onstage at The Second City. This sketch is so cute and so so funny.