Nikki Glaser’s Goodbye(?) Gave Us The Laughs And The Feels

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser is a treasure of a show. But sadly this season has come to an end, and nobody – not even the Glaze – knows if the show is gonna get another one.

So Nikki used her monologue this week to give us a few parting words of wisdom. Things like ‘don’t call a vagina a front bottom’ and ‘talk about sex, because if we’re silent anyone can fill that void with their own personal hang-ups’. Oh, and ‘be careful with your Monistat caps’. Keeping our fingers crossed for more Nikki real soon!!



“Oh My God I Think I Like You” Is The Sweetest And Sexiest Song From “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

While we’re quietly weeping over the fact that this season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is drawing to a close, we’re also rejoicing at Rebecca beginning to realize her feelings for Greg. In “Oh My God I Think I Like You,” Rebecca starts to think that her relationship with Greg is more than just the mind blowing sex.

Warning: it’ll be impossible to get the line, “It’s D-Day in my lady parts,” out of your head after listening to this song.

Cocktales With Little Esther: Half Dates Are A Real Thing

Every episode of Cocktales With Little Esther feels like we’re hanging out with our best gal pals in a delightful, pinterest-y attic. Who knew talking about sexual escapades could be so quaint and charming? In this episode, Esther sits down with comedian Alison Becker to chat about the perks of having small boobs (pun obviously intended), and how half dates are a real thing.