It’s Waze vs Siri, And Nobody Wins

If Siri and Waze were people, they’d be… super terrible. Siri would be all like ‘what did you say?’ and ‘Playing Pony by Ginuwine’ and Waze would be like ‘cross 17 lanes of traffic and turn right in 4 feet’. Well, the dope ladies of Chickbait imagined how it would all go down, and they made a pretty much perfect sketch about it.

Fortune Feimster Argues With Jesus

Are you already on the Fortune Feimster train? Cause if not, you need to take a serious look at your life choices. She’s Nurse Colette on The Mindy Project, she was one of the best parts of Chelsea Lately, and she’s a stand-up machine. This set from Late Night is the perfect way to get to know Fortune, since she discusses her virginal past and her current fashion choices. That penis swatting noise makes everything in life better somehow.