The Weekly Funny Tweet Round-Up

Gosh bless whoever invented weekends. Pretty sure it was either the Greeks or like old timey garment workers unions. One of those.

Big mood. ANYWAY the weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate! Grab a mimosa, and make sure to follow these funny women on Twitter for a guaranteed perfect weekend.





















Are You Watching The Earliest Show Yet?!?

Breaking news y’all. There’s a new show that we can’t stop watching, and it stars our forever girl crush Lauren Lapkus. It’s like if Between Two Ferns were a morning talk show and that talk show were hosted by Lapkus and Ben Schwartz and every episode was cringe-y and hilarious. You gotta start watching it asap, honestly.

Lauren Lapkus Is “The Single Celeb” For Netflix’s New Special, “The Characters”

Meet Whitney Peeps – the very strange star of The Single Celeb. Let’s just all take a moment to absorb the name “Whitney Peeps.”

Cool, everybody good? Let’s continue.

Peeps is the brainchild of comedian Lauren Lapkus, and makes an appearance in the new Netflix special, The Characters. In the vein of HBO and Netflix stand-up specials for comics, The Characters highlights sketch comedians on the rise. Each performer gets exactly one half hour to do whatever they please – there are no rules or expectations. Lapkus is known for her unique and zany characters on the Upright Citizens Brigade Stage, and Peeps is no exception.

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus Is The Comedy Podcast You Need In Your Life

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Lauren Lapkus

You might recognize comedian Lauren Lapkus from Orange Is The New Black as sweet officer Susan Fischer, or from summer blockbuster Jurassic World as the equally adorable and charming Vivian. Homegirl is an absolute charm machine, and is an improviser (along with being a powerhouse actress) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

She also hosts one of the most hilarious podcasts around – “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.” The super unique and funny podcast is great because with each episode, Lauren (who is actually the host of the show), plays the “special guest.” It’s a completely improvised podcast and she has some of the best comedians on as guests, including Paul F. Tompkins, Cameron Esposito, and Andy Daly. Check out a recent episode below and let your ears be happy.