The Comedy Queens Hit India

Y’all there is a full on revolution going on in Indian stand-up. In case you haven’t heard the buzz from the subcontinent, some of the funniest comics in the game right now are women, and there is so much laugh-til-you-pee comedy happening. And a good place to start is TLC India’s new series Queens of Comedy, the reality show/talent search featuring funny ladies doing what they do best.

Nuns. Gone. WILD.

The trailer for The Little Hours just dropped and y’all, it is LIFE. This looks like it’s going to be the most insane, filthy, hysterical movie we’ve seen in forever. The movie is adapted from Bocaccio’s Decameron (lol wut) and stars all of our favorite women as a bunch of potty-mouthed, horny, violent nuns. This is our Star Wars. We’ll be there opening night, in costume.

Together, We Can Save The Female Characters

What do action heroes, badass queens, and innocent farm girls have in common? Well that they’re all great characters! Oh also that tv writers keep making the decision to use their sexual assault as a lazy plot device. WHICH IS VERY UNCOOL. So from the Nightpantz team and director Jen McCartney, we bring you this humble request: could you please just give your female characters literally any other character motivation? Like, anything???!?

The Greatest Tweets Of The Whole Week

Or should we say the spookiest tweets of the whole creeeeaaaak????

No, no one should say that because it’s a very bad joke. But cut us some slack, we’re excited that Halloween is almost here!! While we wait on pins and needles (ouch!) let’s all share these magnificent tweets.

Not sure how men think we survive the world?


Raise a glass to our fallen comrades. May your bi-curious phase come quickly.


Can we get this picture as a tattoo?


No one high five her for this.


Cannot WAIT to see this Marvel adaptation on Netflix.


May Dolly bless and keep you in this, the holiday season.


‘Scuse you, maybe we don’t want to slide into your business!




Honestly kids are shockingly tough these days, shoutout to all the brave babies.




Plz travel channel give Megan Koester a show.


America’s two favorite pastimes in one!









The ghost of Vine is gonna be the best costume of this Halloween season, mark our words.

The Hollywood Sign Ruins Lives

And now, the tale of three 20-something women who just wanted to go for a hike and forget about the disappointing men in their lives. But sometimes when you try to go for a hike in the Hollywood hills, the hills… hike you.

The brilliant besties of Fresh Hell (Hannah Garces, Emily Durrett, and Elizabeth Guest) bring you this sketch about what happens when you try to take an ordinary average silly picture with LA’s most famous landmark. Spoiler: it doesn’t go great.

The Best Tweets Of The Week Are Here!


There were moments of this week that it felt like we’d never make it. But here we are, on Friday afternoon, almost to party o’clock. We all deserve a treat, is what we’re tryna say here. And what better treat than the very best tweets from funny women!