Are You Watching Badass Bitches Of History??

If you’re not already watching Jenny Zigrino’s hit series for Comedy Central, you’re making a huge mistake. Each episode stars a different female comedian as a different bad bish from history, and frankly they’re extremely inspiring. This episode features Jenny Yang as pirate queen Ching Shih who just absolutely murdered the hell out of everyone with swords. Tiiiight.

Jenny Yang Is Our Creator Of The Week!

Tbh, sometimes we’re kind of intimidated when we think about how cool Jenny Yang is. The badass comedian started out as a budding politician, and it definitely makes sense because she took over the comedy scene like a damn general staging a coup.

Yang produces the mostly female, Asian American standup comedy tour, Disoriented Comedy, as well as The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival. She does stand-up at college and clubs all over the country, she acts and writes for everything from Buzzfeed to SourceFed to The Guardian, and LA Weekly called her one of the most fascinating people in the city. Which, yeah, no freakin duh.

If you think Jenny is cool too, watch our playlist of some of her greatest hits, then keep an eye out for her Facebook live and Snapchat takeover later in the week. More Jenny means more happy.


But Who’s Gonna Corner The White Vote?

A Very Bad Thing that happened recently is that some bro with a microphone from the O’Reilly show went into New York’s Chinatown to interview folks there about the election. They played clips from racist movies, the mic bro did karate chops, he interviewed a sweet old lady in a language she didn’t speak. It sucked.

But a Very Good Thing that came out of it is this hilarious parody from badass LA-based comedian Jenny Yang. She took her mic to the sordid streets of Beverly Hills to ask white voters some very pressing and important political questions. It’s funny and sharp as hell. Take a note, O’Reilly bros. THIS is satire.

You’re Eating Your PB&J Wrong

First came the lessons on how to eat pho. Now a PB&J? What’s next, HOW TO BREATHE AIR????

Srsly though, this sketch from Jenny Yang and Bad Appetite is the perfectest magical parody of all those dumb ‘how to eat this exotic dish’ videos. Just call her Jenny the implicit bias slayer.