J Law Is Our Everything

Is Jennifer Lawrence a real person, or is she a perfect robot engineered in a lab to make us love her? WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

Either way, she’s a damn national treasure and we can’t get enough of that J Law stuff. This playlist has some of our fave moments from our dorky kween, including interviews and sketches and lots of random dancing. What more could you want in this world?


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15 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was A Total Badass For Being Herself

It’s impossible not to love Jennifer Lawrence – she is a crazy talented actress and a true queen, and is always herself (which is why we love her).

Here are 15 times Jennifer Lawrence was a total badass for just being Jennifer.

1. When she did the running man in her seat.

Run girl, run!

2. When she busted out these awesome moves.

James McAvoy looks truly terrified. DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING, JEN!

3. When she had zero time for bullshit.

Such sass! We love it.

4. When she sashayed away.

Ermmm, gotta go. Byeeee.

5. When she was like, “No thanks.”

She tells it like it is!

6. When she had to have sharp objects taken away from her.

Put. The. Knife. Down.

7. When she put sisterhood first.

Amy + Jen = squad goals forever.

8. When she got so real about her body.

Aren’t they all?

9. When she was just as neurotic as we are.


10. When she was down to earth after winning an ACADEMY AWARD.

We can relate…when we get free guac at Chipotle.

11. When she was like, “HATERS TO THE LEFT.”


12. When she was HANGRY.

We know the feeling so, so well.

13. When she ate all of the marshmallows.

What is a “serving size”?

14. When she made this face.

Us before we’ve had coffee.

15. When she brought it back to food…which is obviously, always the most important.

What’s the point if you can’t eat it?!

J. Law – thank you for being you. YOU ROCK, NEVER CHANGE.

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How Is Every Interview That Jennifer Lawrence Does The Most Hilarious Thing Ever?

We’re not sure if it’s possible for Jennifer Lawrence to do an unfunny interview. The Joy actress and Golden Globe contender recently stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers and not only revealed she used to harbor a crush for the host, but also gave her number to Larry David. JLaw, please, never change.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Embarrassing Moments Are So Funny It Hurts

It’s old news that J.Law is one of the funniest girls in the game right now. (SIDENOTE: WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE SHE AND AMY SCHUMER ARE WRITING TOGETHER, OHY MY GOD.)

While on the final leg of the press tour for Mockingjay Part 2, Jennifer paid The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and revealed her most embarrassing moments. They. Are. Hilarious. Enjoy!