But Who’s Gonna Corner The White Vote?

A Very Bad Thing that happened recently is that some bro with a microphone from the O’Reilly show went into New York’s Chinatown to interview folks there about the election. They played clips from racist movies, the mic bro did karate chops, he interviewed a sweet old lady in a language she didn’t speak. It sucked.

But a Very Good Thing that came out of it is this hilarious parody from badass LA-based comedian Jenny Yang. She took her mic to the sordid streets of Beverly Hills to ask white voters some very pressing and important political questions. It’s funny and sharp as hell. Take a note, O’Reilly bros. THIS is satire.

We All Need More Margaret Cho

Ask us how much we love Margaret Cho. GO AHEAD ASK US. We love her so much, we just had to make a whole playlist of some of our favorite moments of Cho-ness.

She inspires us because she’s a brilliant comedian, a great actor, a badass activist, an outspoken feminist, and an important mentor for Asian-American comics and creative women. She brought conversations about mental health into the mainstream and she’s been a trailblazer all her career.  Also, she’s so god-damn funny it hurts. So snuggle up and enjoy spending a lil time with Queen Margaret.

You Gotta See This Hill-arious Between 2 Ferns

Uh ohhhh, HRC’s got jokes! Clinton went on Zach Galifianakis’ insane weird ‘talk show’ Between Two Ferns and frankly (and we do not use this term lightly) she SLAYED. Legit, outside her platform, we like the idea of a president who can play straight-woman like a damn comedy professional.

Also please let’s change her slogan to ‘DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO SAY’.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Neighbors Are Scared Of Her

How wonderful is Tracee Ellis Ross? She made adulthood look cool on Girlfriends, and now she’s the mom of our dreams on Blackish. She’s also an out-n-proud feminist and role model of wokeness. So it’s no wonder that her interview with Colbert was a thing of beauty.

They got in to Tracee’s Emmy nom, not eating, what it means to be blackish, and just basically the whole point of human experience. She’s so funny and so g-d smart.


We Love Molly Shannon

It’s Molly Shannon’s birthday! Sound the alarm, cuz we’re bout to party like spastic teenagers in honor of one of the funniest ladies in the world.

She’s an amazing physical comedian, she delivers punchlines like no other, and also she’s got a new indie movie out that proves that she can ACT honey. So celebrate Molly with a few high kicks, then go see Other People, then tweet her and tell her you love her. That’s what we’ll be doing!

L.A. Deals (For Total Weirdos)

City living is pricy. It feels like two thirds of our paychecks are just going to restaurants. And don’t even get us started on the expensive museums!

Thank goodness Kimmy Wilkins (aka Jessica Leigh Gonzales) is here to show us how to get the neatest deals on looking at art in Los Angeles. Spoiler alert: ya gotta get underground!