Elliot Page’s Spooky Dream

We’re dragging this one out from the vaults in honor of Elliot Page’s birthday. For too long has Hollywood forced this tiny powerhouse to do drama and indie movies. Let Elliot do comedy! If nothing else this SNL sketch proves that he’s funny as all hell, without even needing to say a word.

The Sandal Plague

Panic is sweeping the nation. Loved ones are becoming unrecognizable shells of themselves. The horror could be… right behind you! This terrifying sketch from the ladies of Broken English has us glancing down to see if any of our friends and family are affected. Or even whether we are.

Flossing Is Basically A Horror Movie

Why don’t they have commercials for floss? That simple question gave birth to one of the most terrifying horror films of our time. The gals of Aljeshira dared to ask the scariest question: who do you turn to when the monster in the mirror is… yourself??